The Fry Brothers Live

Timothy Js Top ten songs

1. Rose of Cimarron  - POCO

2. Take this job and shove it - JOHNNY PAYCHECK

3. Desperado - THE EAGLES

4. Call it love - POCO


6. Rocky Mountain Way - JOE WALSH

7. Down On The Farm - JOE WALSH

8. Get Back To The Country - NEIL YOUNG

9. Teach Your Children - CROSBY , STILLS , NASH & YOUNG

10. Rocking In The Free World - NEIL YOUNG ( Ain't Country But It's Cool )  

Roys Influences ???

1. Brett Mason

2. Lynard Skynard

3. Molly Hatchet

4. Chet Atkins

5. Monte Montgomery

6. Roy Nichols

7. David Roberts

8. Albert Lee

9. Gary Moore

10. The Allman Brothers

The Fry Brothers

The Music

Timothy J and Roy
 Timothy J and Roy Fry
 The twins have been playing and
 singing for years.
 Roy has been playing guitar since he 
 was ten and has been learning all
 different styles to create his own style.
 Timothy J started playing a Lap Steel
 at the same age (six).
 Timothy J now plays a 12 string guitar
 on stage.
 Here are some pics.

The Fry Brothers gearing up

Some say , in this photo we're gonna be pick up by Aliens !

No, we are getting ready to perform our 2 CD Waitin' on the wonderful Acoustically at The Chandelier Room .


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The Fry Brothers: Waitin

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